Go-safe (toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray)
100 ML
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Categories: Personal Hygiene, Personal Care


  • 99.99% Germ Protection
  • Helps Prevent Women from UTI & Other Diseases
  • Deodorize Foul Smell


Afraid of Using Toilets??

Aurascen Toilet Seat Sanitizer protects you from Wash-room borne diseases by Killing germs from the toilet seat within 5 seconds. The compact size makes it easy to carry. 

Where to USE?

Great for Offices, Common Washrooms, public bathrooms, hospitals, School/Colleges, gyms, restaurants/Pubs, tourist places, train, air and sea travel.

Surfaces for Germs Contact? (Please Spray AURASCEN TOILET SANITIZER)

- Toilet Seat, Toilet Tops, Flush, Door Knobs/Handles, Faucets/Taps,etc..

- Provides protection against toilet borne diseases such as UTI, diarrhoea etc.

#Always Carry With You to Protect from GERMS