<p> OBO has to complete the conditions below- OBO has to send his photocopy of any Legal Document to the company. The Distributor has to Update/Upload his KYC Documents with his own signature on <a href="http://www.theoasisgroup.org">www.theoasisgroup.org</a> or Oasis Mobile Application.</p>
All the Promoters of the OASIS Business Plan Program who wish to participate in our optional Business Plan are termed as OASIS Business Owners.
As required by the government all commissions would be paid out after deduction of TDS.OBO is required to submit his/her PAN No. with the company .Company will issue Tax Deduction Form as per IT act.
Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.
The Promotional Offer is valid for limited period only .Company reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any aspects of the benefits in Promotional Offer at any time at its sole discretion.
If you want to participate in our Business / Mission, it is mandatory requirement to attend two Conventions / Seminars / Workshops organized by OASIS in a quaterly, failing which you will be denied the benefit of all your organizational sales will not be given. But in case you could not attend due to some unavoidable circumstances, you need to write a letter to the company with the documentary proof for justifying your circumstances. On the basis of the documents produced by you, company would
You can click on forgot password and generate your new password
No, this is absolutely not permitted. If any complaint is received that any OBO is sharing information with other OBO of any other Programme / Business, then all the ongoing commissions from the company, will be denied to him/her with immediate effect without any notice.
Post your request and company will investigate your request, send the Name transfer form and other details via email if approved.Name of any OBO will not be transferred if he/she has earned any commission.
After a transfer takes place we will mail all the details of the account at the address you have mentioned.
Yes, you can sell products to Associates outside India.OBO who want to promote OASIS Business / OASIS mission outside India must follow their Country / Province / State Law / Rules.
If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. We will not issue any commission cheque / TDS certificate in absence of proof of your PAN card.
You start receiving commission only when you fulfil the criteria fixed for commission earning. In order to receive your Income you have to Follow OASIS Business Plan. Contact Your senior Upline and take Guidance for the same.
No, you can not join any other Marketing company selling same/different product or any other business of similar nature. If we receive any complaint against you that you have joined any other Marketing company or business of similar nature then you would lose your right to get any further commissions from OASIS.However, you may continue to enjoy online learning through product purchased by you for the entire purchased period.
If you are earning commissions from OASIS you can not join other Company/ Business of similar nature otherwise you would lose your right to get any further commissions from OASIS. However, you would continue to enjoy online learning through product purchased for the entire purchased period.
This is very serious, if any OBO is found not following our LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) / FAQs or found to indulge in any anti-company activity in any manner or found disturbing the private or public business meeting or free teaching seminar organized by OBO or by the company, all the ongoing commissions from the company, will be denied to him / her with immediate effect and without any notice. However, he / she may continue to enjoy online learning of Purchased Product for the entire purchase
It has been observed that many OBOs are sending irrelevant queries and asking irrelevant question unnecessarily on a continuous basis.We have given all the required information about the Company and all other details on our website/Presentations. So it is advised to all the OBOs to visit our website in order to know their concerns or ask their introducing OBOs or active uplines. Please note no irrelevant queries would be replied by the company. Please do not ask about anything which is not given on our website.
It is your duty to change all the confidential information like password etc. immediately, after taking all the information from your Selling Associate. We will not be responsible for any mishappening in this regard.
Before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for approval. Severe action would be taken if we observe any bad advertisement (which violates any of the law of the land or public policies) without permission of the company.
The commission to the qualifying Associates will be transferred directly to the Bank Account within 7 days from the day commission is calculated. If the payment didn't reach your Bank Account within the specified period, you are requested to contact OASIS admin office with details of the earned commission.
It will get delivered within 7 days from the day we receive the payment towards the purchase of OASIS products
OBO is an OASIS BUSINESS OWNER. who has purchased & Promoted OASIS Products by paying the amount of the Products and is willing to promote Oasis business opportunity with his own wish. It is not compulsory to do OASIS business if you have purchased any of the Products as Oasis business opportunity is Free & Optional.
Business Plan is FREE and Optional for those who purchase any of the PRODUCT variants offered as per the OASIS Program. There is no cost/investment to start your business.
Yes, you can Cancel/ Replace your Products as per the Oasis Replacement/ Buy Back Policy.
Yes, you can only replace your Products if it is not delivered in the proper condition or the product is damaged. You need to return it back to our office or Our Outlet and we will replace you as soon as possible.