• This Agreement is entered into between OASIS CONTRIVER PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Vadodara (hereinafter referred to as the Company on the one part) & Any Purchaser/User who purchases the Product/ Services Pack of the company, as detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser/Associate on the other part)…
    The Purchaser unconditionally submits that he has clearly understood the constituents of the selected product/service pack, the free and optional marketing plan associated with it and the compensation/incentives/rewards linked with it and the conditions and limitations associated therewith. The Purchaser further unequivocally declares that any reliance on any promise or representation not contained in this agreement or any formal material of the company would entirely be at his own cost and risks.
    For the purposes of this agreement, A Purchaser shall be a person who submits an online application form as per the prescribed format (as displayed by clicking "Buy Now" button on our website (www.theoasisgroup.org) and accepts the terms & conditions (Online Legals) and receives the purchased Product in 21days.The welcome Kit shall reach to Purchaser after the payment is confirmed & received by the company.

    Though Due care is taken by oasis contriver private limited regarding delivery of Package & Free Gifts as per Promotional offers. These complimentary products cannot be either replaced or exchanged.
    For the purposes of this agreement, A Purchaser shall at all times be and shall act as an independent contractor only. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, the Purchaser shall be deemed to be an agent, employee or representative of the company. The agreement shall come into force as and when the Purchaser purchases the product/service online after accepting the terms and conditions therein. It shall be presumed that the Purchaser has understood the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement which are detailed herein below…

  • Termination

    TERMINATION: It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    The Purchaser will not use the Product / Educational software of the company in a manner, which defies any law or public policy or is contrary to any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    The Purchaser will not copy, reproduce, redistribute, resell or make unlawful use of the Product or Services or Business plan or software or contents of the website of the company and any such violation will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement by the company in addition to the Purchaser rendering himself liable to prosecution under the applicable civil & criminal laws.
    The Purchaser shall not make any misrepresentation of the company’s products/services and its mission statement and any default on this ground will be sufficient to terminate this Agreement immediately by the company, along with consequential cancellation of all the rights and obligations arising out of this Agreement.
    That the Purchaser, during the currency of this agreement shall not carry on a similar business, whether independently or in association with others, directly or indirectly and any violation of this ground will automatically lead to termination of this Agreement by the company in addition to the Purchaser rendering himself liable to prosecution under the applicable civil & criminal laws.
    That the Purchaser shall not indulge in any anti-company activities in any manner and any violation of this ground will lead to immediate termination of this Agreement by the company. 
    The company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without assigning any reasons with or without giving any written notice to a Purchaser, if the Acts or Deeds of the Purchaser are detrimental to the interest of the company.
    That the Purchaser shall take prior written permission from the company to publish, produce or distribute any promotional materials through CDs, Books, Audio cassettes etc to other Purchasers and on such terms and conditions as the company may impose in the interest of the company and any violation of this ground will lead to immediate termination of this Agreement by the company.

  • Security

    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    It is the duty of the Purchaser to keep the company's password and other secure access and information confidential and notify the company immediately if the Purchaser has reasons to believe that the security of an account has been breached.
    On its part, the company shall take all reasonable steps to protect the security of all online transactions. However, the company does not warrant such security and will not be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from any security breaches. The Purchaser alone shall be liable for losses or damages resulting from the security breaches.

  • Force Majeure

    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    It is expressly understood by both the parties hereto that any act of God or force majeure, that includes, but is not limited to, natural disaster, war, technical failures and operation of Law / Government Policies that may prevent the due performance of any of the obligations under this Agreement, or under any Terms / Conditions / Subsidiary Agreement that may form an integral part of this Agreement, will not be construed as failure to perform the contract by either of the parties hereto. However, it is clarified that the party, so affected will take all reasonable steps towards normal performance of obligations under this Agreement, as soon as possible. No party will be held responsible for any loss caused to the other party, in these circumstances.


    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the Union of India and shall be subject to Vadodara Jurisdiction. 
    Any dispute between the Purchaser/User and the company, arising out of or in relation to this Agreement, directly or indirectly, shall first be settled amicably through negotiation between the parties. In the event of the dispute not being settled amicably between the parties, the same shall be referred to a Sole Arbitrator appointed by the company under the Provisions of the Arbitration &Conciliation Act, 1996 and the venue shall exclusively be at Vadodara only. Any Director of OASIS CONTRIVER Pvt. Ltd. Can be appointed as an Arbitrator.
    The Purchaser and the company have mutually opted and submitted themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts exclusively in Vadodara, India only alone in relation to any dispute between the parties arising out of or in relation to this Agreement. Causes of action between the parties hereto of any type, whether based on this Agreement, on fraud or any other tort, or grounded in principles of strict liability or statutes of any kind, shall be heard exclusively in a competent court in the jurisdiction of Vadodara only. Each party hereby submits to the jurisdiction exclusively of competent courts in Vadodara only and expressly waives the rights to bring any suit or action in any other court.

  • Privacy Statment

    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    Purchaser hereby agrees that in the course of use of the Product and Services derived under this Agreement the company is entitled to prompt for a login id, password and other relevant personal information to satisfy itself as to the veracity of the person accessing the online course/services.

    Purchaser understands that the company and its chosen service partners may use login Id of the Purchaser to operate or help to operate sites and services for the purposes of the user or company, and to inform Purchaser of any new Features / Services / Products from the company or its affiliates, including products and services that may be related to the Product and Services contemplated under this Agreement, but are not necessary to its operation.

    The company may disclose such Login Ids / Passwords or any other reference code / number pertaining to any user or any information provided by any user, if required to do so by any law enforcing authorities or by courts or in public interest or in good faith when the company believes that such action is necessary to conform to the requirements of law or to comply with any legal process or in reply to any notice served upon the company or to protect and defend any rights of the company with respect to the Products / Services contemplated under this Agreement or to protect the safety of the users / the company / the public in extraordinary circumstances or in such circumstances as deemed fit by the company to protect the interest of the company in general.

  • General

    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:

    LEGALS mean the AGREEMENT (Terms and Conditions) of OASIS available at www.theoasisgroup.org  
    The Company reserves the right to add/amend/delete/modify/change any or all the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement under which the Product / Services of the company are being offered.
    This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties on the subject matter thereof. However, the Purchaser /User understands that any commitment, terms and conditions, as displayed on the website of the company, will be treated as an integral part of this Agreement, which would be binding on both parties. No additional promises, representation, guarantees or Agreements of any kind, shall have any validity concerning the subject matter of this Agreement, unless the same is in writing and is agreed upon and signed by an authorized representative of the company in hard copy form.
    If an Purchaser refers or recommends the Products / Services of the company to some other prospective users, and consequently decides to accept some incentives or commissions being offered by the company, then the Purchaser will be bound by the Agreement/Terms and Conditions on the subject contained elsewhere in the company website and the same Agreement/Terms and Conditions, will form a binding contract between the user and the company, and will be enforceable in the same manner as this Agreement, being subject to the same restrictions on jurisdiction.
    Purchaser agrees that the latest version of this Agreement, available on the company's website, without any modification whatsoever, will be the operative version of this Agreement, and any modification of this version of the Agreement by any User / Purchaser with malice intent will invite immediate unilateral termination of this Agreement by the company and such user shall be liable to be prosecuted under the relevant provision of the law in force. The operative intent of this clause will extend to all terms, conditions and notices, which are ancillary/ incidental to this Agreement, including any such Terms and Conditions which may be contained in the company's web-site or in any other web-site / web page which is also operated by the company or its affiliate, including any such sites or pages which can be accessed by links contained in the web-site of the company.
    If there is any conflict between this user Agreement and other documents, this user Agreement shall govern, whether such other documents is being made / created prior to or subsequent to this user Agreement, or is signed or acknowledged by any Director, Officer, Employee, Representative or Purchaser of OCPL.

    All Purchasers interested in promoting the business and mission of the company must make themselves fully aware of the laws prevailing in the respective country/state /province where they wish to operate. The Company will not be responsible for any laxity shown in this regard by the Purchasers.
    Any lawsuit or bad propaganda against the company by any Purchaser will immediately cause suspension of the ongoing commissions (if any) without any notice. However, they will continue to use company’s products.
    Any Purchaser involved in misguiding, misdirecting and spreading misunderstanding to and amongst other Purchasers with regard to the company's policies, rules, activities, functioning, whether directly or indirectly, would invite immediate suspension of commissions without any prior notice. However, the Purchaser shall continue to enjoy learning through the purchased product for the entire purchase period.
    Release of commission by the Company to its Purchasers is subject to the furnishing of a copy of his/her valid PAN Card to the company immediately after having user id and password from OCPL.Till time PAN CARD will not be submitted any commission will not flow from company to subjective purchaser. When PAN CARD will be submitted to OCPL than benefits of all remaining incentives will be given to subjective purchaser.If PAN CARD is not received within the last date of the month in which purchaser has joined, then 20% (twenty percentage) amount of commission will be deducted from his/her each incentives as per mentioned in business plan made by OCPL, till time pan card Is not get approved from OCPL.

    The information available on the website relating to the company products or management only shall be used by the Purchasers while promoting the business and mission of the company. Any violation will cause immediate suspension of the ongoing commissions. The Purchaser will however continue to use the online learning through product purchased by him / her for the entire purchase period.
    If the management is convinced that any Purchaser is drawing commission/incentives without any contribution, the same shall be discontinued immediately and without any notice.
    All Purchasers must get their queries addressed ON PHONE/BY MAIL only.
    The course content of the online Courses has been developed by the subject experts after compiling it from various relevant sources keeping in mind the practical utility and employment generation capability to the user. All online courses are designed for self-learning only and are to be accessed for learning using the Computer and Internet by the Learner at his/her own cost. The online courses/tutorials are not accredited by any institution or by any agency of Govt. of India. 
    Commissions or Incentives cannot be claimed as a matter of right. However, the purchased products would be served for the purchased time period.
    In order to take the benefit of all the sales in Binary compensation plan on continuous basis all conditions mentioned in the business section must necessarily be fulfilled. Failing in any one would result in flushing of the entire sale volume.
    All Silver and above Purchasers are expected to promote OCPL Business& mission with full zeal and enthusiasm and expected to periodically organize Product / Business meetings regularly on Daily / Weekly basis failing which will lead to denial of any further commissions/ incentives without any notice. The decision of the company in this regard would be final and shall be binding on the Purchasers.

    While selling the company products it is the duty of the OASIS Business Owner to properly demonstrate and explain products to the Purchasers and explain them very clearly that all our products are designed for self-learning only by using computer and internet at their own cost. Since commissions for sales are involved in our system so it is the duty of the OASIS Business Owner to demonstrate and explain very clearly our products on computer using internet from any nearby available resource to the Purchasers and must guide them to go through our LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) on our website www.theoasisgroup.org before Purchasing our products. Our products should only be purchased if Purchasing Purchaser is totally satisfied with our PRODUCT and LEGALS (Terms and Conditions).

    Any sale done against the Terms and Conditions of the company by way of misrepresentation or otherwise solely for the purpose of earning commissions is not allowed and any Legal problem or losses arising due to this will completely be the responsibility of the OASIS Business Owner.

    Any Purchaser earning commissions from OASIS cannot join other Companies of similar nature or Business, directly or indirectly, otherwise he/ she would lose their right to get any further commissions from OASIS. However, he / she would continue to enjoy online learning through product purchased by him / her for the entire purchased period.
    Purchasers are strictly advised to go to bank own his/her self with his/her OASIS Business Owner for credit of cash payment to bank account of OASIS. All the payment must be credited in Bank account of OASIS CONTRIVER PRIVATE LIMITED only and purchaser must retain the payment receipt with him for further clarification if required. Personal and Payment detail must be verified by the Purchaser before signing the DECLARATION on the Invoice Form. Oasis Business Owner and Purchaser must retain a photocopy of the Invoice Form. The original Invoice Form to be sent to the company. All Purchasers would be deemed to have accepted all our Terms and Conditions given in LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) by checking the CHECK BOX and SUBMITING it during the Registration process.

    If the Purchaser is signing the Declaration on the Invoice Form in any Language other than English, OASIS Business Owner must ensure that the Purchaser has clearly understood our LEGALS (Terms & Conditions) and the contents of company product. Any dispute arising in this regard would be the responsibility of the OASIS Business Owner.
    Purchasers must learn our Online / Offline courses and utilize all our on-line services using computer and internet at their own cost within the period of purchase. Company will not be responsible in anyways if our courses are not learnt by any one of our Purchasers within the period of purchase.
    Purchasers must learn our Online / Offline courses and utilize all our on-line services using computer and internet at their own cost within the period of purchase. Company will not be responsible in anyways if our courses are not learnt by any one of our Purchasers within the period of purchase.
    In Business or Product Meetings or Seminars, OASIS Business Owners must promote OCPL. Business / Mission as per our LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) and Business Plan and as per the information given on the website (i.e. www.theoasisgroup.org). OASIS Business Owners must explain and demonstrate the products very clearly and must explain how to access or use them. Company will not be responsible for any Legal problems arising due to misrepresentation or wrong commitments by OASIS Business Owners.
    Any anti-social activity / manhandling of any OASIS Purchaser by any other OASIS Purchaser would automatically disqualify forever for ongoing commissions. However, OCPL Product could be enjoyed till the purchased period.


    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    Selling Associate i.e. oasis Business Owner for the purposes of this agreement means a person who promotes the products of the company as per the business plan and may be referred to as a OASIS Business Owner. OASIS Business Owner is not authorized to make any kind of promise to prospective Purchasers other than those made by the company on its website www.theoasisgroup.org under this Agreement and in other official company material relating to this Agreement.
    The company shall not be liable for any acts of omission or commission, misrepresentation, false commitment and promises made by any OASIS Business Owner to the prospective Purchaser while introducing the Product/ Package / Services of the company. Company will take appropriate action against such OASIS Business Owner if brought to its notice but the company shall in no circumstances be responsible and liable for such acts of such OASIS Business Owner.
    Que: What if a person associated with Oasis, Joins / Promotes any other Direct Selling / Network Marketing Organization? Ans: Under such circumstances, the income of the associate will be terminated and if that individual spreads any negativity or does any anti-oasis activity then his membership with oasis would also be terminated


    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    At the option of the Purchaser, he/she may pursue the business plan of the company. After making sales of two Oasis beginners/Advanced package, Purchaser will be eligible to get commission on the sales occurring in his/her organization due to his/her continuous Participation/ Training / Teaching / Help and Development to all the Purchaser in his/ her organization and with fulfillment of the conditions as per the Business model , as explained on the company's Business Section on its website www.theoasisgroup.org A Purchaser understands that to earn commission in the program, Purchaser is responsible for generating business with proper guidance and training of the company and strictly as per the Terms and Conditions of the company. A Purchaser has to get continuous training from the Company and continuously to train those referred to by participation in the program. All Participating / Selling Purchasers must be introduced to the Training Programs / Events organized by the Company. Those who buy an oasis Packages shall be entitled to participate in optional Business plans. A Purchaser having applied to participate in the company's web based business program ,understands that he / she / it will be bound by the Terms and Conditions hereof, once such application is submitted online and accepted by the company.
    A Purchaser shall be solely responsible for payment of his /her taxes and other levies [central or state] in general course of his self- employment as an independent Purchaser of Company's web based program as per the laws and rules governing his/her Province/State/ Country. All revenue earned from the company will be subject to tax deduction at the prevailing rates under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. A Purchaser at his/her own expense, will make, execute and file all such reports and obtain such licenses as are required by law or public authority with respect to this Agreement. The company is not responsible for illegal submissions/ representations made by any Purchaser.
    An associate will get whatever commission he/she earns directly in e-wallet


    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    The information, software, products and services included on the Oasis PACKAGES  may have inaccuracies, typographical mistakes or unintentional errors. Corrections and Changes will be effected periodically to the information therein.
    The company may make improvements and/or changes to OASIS Package at any time.
    Advice received via oasis packages or in any manner from the company or its advisers should not be relied upon for personal, medical, legal or financial decisions. A Purchaser is Free to consult any appropriate professional for specific advice tailored to his/her situational need.
    The company and/or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness and accuracy of the information, software, products, services and related graphics contained in the Oasis Packages for any purpose. All such information, software, products, services any related graphics are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
    The company and/or its respective suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, software, products, services and related graphics, including all implied warranties and conditions or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.
    The company and/or its suppliers shall not be liable in any event for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special , consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, arising out of the use or performance of the Oasis Packages with delay or inability to use the Oasis Packages, the provision of or failure to provide services, or for any information, software, products, services and related graphics obtained through the  Oasis Packages or otherwise arising out of the use of the Oasis Packages, whether based on contract, strict liability or otherwise , even if the company or any of its suppliers has been advised of the possibility of damages. Because some states/jurisdiction does not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to a Purchaser. If any Purchaser is dissatisfied with any portion of the Oasis Packages, or with any of these, the sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Oasis Packages.


    It is mutually agreed by and between the parties that:
    Software [if any] that is made available by the Oasis Packages is the copyrighted work of the company and or its suppliers. A Purchaser's use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license Agreement, if any, which accompanies or is included with the software ["License Agreement"]. A Purchaser may not install or use any Software that is accompanied by or includes a License Agreement unless he/she first agree to the terms of License Agreement. For any Software not accompanied by a license- Agreement, the company hereby grants to Purchaser, the user, a personal, non-transferable license to use the Software for viewing and otherwise using the Any Oasis package in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and for no other purpose provided that Purchaser keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices. Purchaser should clearly note that all Software, including without limitation all HTML code and programming code contained in the Educational Package, is owned by the company and or its suppliers and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws of the land and international laws.
    Online Courses/Tutorials that are made available by the oasis Packages are the compiled work of the company’s suppliers who have represented that they have compiled it from various unrestrictive independent resources to design it into a relevant course content which has the potential to enhance the computer literacy of the user and also to help the user in self-generation employability. It is expressly stated that the company takes no responsibility for the
    Any reproduction or redistribution of the Software / Courses / Tutorials or any other material given on the website (www.theoasisgroup.org) is explicitly prohibited by law and may result in severe civil and criminal liabilities. 
    Copying or reproduction of the Software / Courses / Tutorials or any other information given on the website www.theoasisgroup.org to any other server or location for further reproduction or redistribution is explicitly prohibited. The software is warranted, if at all, only according to the terms of the license Agreement.